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Membership Information

Listed below are the other fees that may appear on your monthly statement once you become a member. These fees are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Membership Related Fees:

Application Fee $250.00 (Applications cannot be processed without receiving fee and it is non-refundable.)
Membership Fee $300.00 (Paid annually by July 31st or on a pro rata basis when accepted as new or re-admitted member.)
Deposit This amount is based on 1 month’s estimated repossessions and is refunded minus any offsets such as deductibles, return check fees, late fees etc. 2 years after a membership is resigned or terminated.
Current Lot Fees / Initial Ins. Pmt. $360 or $18.00 x # of vehicles currently stored if more than 20 vehicles are stored (Provides premise liability coverage from effective date of coverage and physical damage coverage for vehicles that are currently stored on the lot, but repossessed while covered by previous carrier)
Check by Fax Fee $3
Credit Card Convenience Fee 3% of purchase or invoice total
Return Check Fee $35
Additional Office / Lot Inspection $200
Relocation of Office / Lot $200 (If both are at the same address)
Relocation of Office / Lot $275 (If office and lot are at different addresses)
Certification Course Registration Please click here to visit the RSIG University for more information
Annual Seminar Registration Fees Announced prior to seminar
Late Payment Penalties 10% of monthly report

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