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National Agency Management Systems

National Agency Management Systems LLC is the future of repossession assignment management.

Lenders who work direct with repossessors through NAMS:
    See greater efficiency
    Can reduce their total costs and
    Experience better results.

What does NAMS have to offer and makes NAMS different from other systems?

  • Ease of Use - Customizable Interface based on individual office security settings

  • Commitment to data security, Currently the strongest in the industry.

  • Real time communication between lender, servicing repossession agency and field agent

  • Only repossession assignment program enhanced with RepoBoost

  • LPR (License Plate Recognition) 

  • Vehicle Registration Information Available

  • Key Codes

  • Improves efficiency

  • Enterprise Class Architecture and Technology for maximum availability, failover, and scalability.

  • Feature Rich - Including Maps, VIN Decoding, Accounting & Assignment Management.

  • Professional Reporting - Lot Reports, Aging Reports, Business analytics, scorecards, etc.

  • Batch Billing Available - receive 1 statement and make one single payment

  • Every account is insured through the RSIG Master Policy

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