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THANK YOU FOR THE LAST 26 YEARS! – A Message from Ron Hertz of Professional Key Codes

For those of you who didn't attend the RSIG/Allied Convention last month, I was given a few minutes to say a good-bye and a thank you for helping me make a living for the last 26 years. I thanked you all for the friendship and the crazy fun at the conventions, and for treating me as one of your own. 

My company, Professional Key Codes, Inc., is still running great at the hands of my office manager, Susan Thibodeau. She's been with me for many, many years.

I wish you all well, and can't thank you all enough for these past years.

Warm Regards,

Ron Hertz

Professional Key Codes, Inc.
ph: 352-243-4600 888-456-1888
fax: 352-243-4601 800-811-5031

Personal Note from Ed Marcum, CEO – Recovery Specialist Insurance Group What Ron neglects to mention in his note to the industry is that he has been for the past several years and is currently still battling Stage 4 Cancer and his doctors have indicated there is little else that can be done. Being the proud man that he is, he hasn’t wanted to publically focus on his diagnosis, but has chosen to publically reflect on his life and appreciate all that has been afforded to him. Ron has always been a unique individual whose loyalties run deep. As he bravely approaches this part of his life, he wanted an opportunity to address those in the industry who have been his clients, colleagues, friends and become extended family. Because of his long time support of our group and industry, we gladly provided him this opportunity and wish him all the best.