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Company Name: Bayou Recovery Service, LLC
Member Since: 12/22/2004
Member Number: 1257
Contact Person: Jeff Sommers
MailAddress : 5475 Parkview Church Rd
MailCity: Baton Rouge
MailState: Louisiana
MailZip: 70816
Office Address : 5475 Parkview Church Rd
Office City: Baton Rouge
Office State: Louisiana
Office Zip: 70816-
Phone: (225) 293-4999
Fax: (225) 706-4999
Country: USA
License Number: RA18-0
Comments: Company License: RA18-0; Jeff Sommers (Qualifying) RA18-51; Carolyn Sommers (Regular) RA18-51; Mike Sterling (Regular) RA18-49; Josh Fennell (Regular) RA18-86; Douglas Lovett (Regular) RA18-91

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